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Cal Poly Pomona Farms Ice Cream Story

CPP Farms Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Cal Poly Pomona Farms ice cream was created by Cal Poly Pomona Enterprises in partnership with the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture and Coney Island Creamery.

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Our exclusive line of Cal Poly Pomona Farms ice cream is a harmonious collaboration that fuses the best of CPP-grown, sustainable ingredients with the ingenuity of our students.

Student with Mandarin, Group of Students tasting
Students tasting

These aren't merely desserts; they're a tribute to our core Farm-to-Table principles. With each scoop, we weave a narrative of student-grown fruit, carefully nurtured within our campus grounds.

At the heart of this endeavor are our students. From cultivating the ingredients at CPP Farms, to crafting intricate flavor profiles, and designing the product packaging, our students have woven their passion into every step of this journey. Their dedication and creativity shine through in every scoop.

Ice Cream scoops
Students picking fruit 1
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As you indulge in CPP Farms Ice Cream, you're not just savoring a delightful treat - you're supporting Cal Poly Pomona students and the CPP mission of cultivating success through a diverse culture of experiential learning, discovery, and innovation.

Discover the taste of innovation, explore the essence of our campus, and indulge in a frozen delight that not only captures the heart of Cal Poly Pomona but also embodies the passion of our students.

Students eating ice cream

Under the guiding philosophy of "Learn by Doing" upheld by Cal Poly Pomona Enterprises and the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture, students have delved into the intricacies of product development, breathing life into these ice creams. This tangible, real-world experience is a distinctive hallmark of their education here at CPP.

CPP Student Rachel Hunter

"This project has brought me a great sense of accomplishment," Hunter said. "Seeing my design evolve from a simple idea to a real product validated the hard work, effort, and dedication I poured into it. I eagerly anticipate the moment when my design will finally be displayed on shelves for everyone to see and enjoy."

Rachael Hunter a Cal Poly Pomona student worked under the guidance of CPP Enterprises' Marketing Department in order to curate a product design that perfectly encapsulated the Farm-to-Table approach the ice cream was centered around, while paying homage to the roots of Cal Poly Pomona.

The CPP Farms ice cream truly celebrates Cal Poly Pomona's commitment to experiential learning, discovery, and innovation.

If you aspire to contribute to remarkable stories like this, where innovation, collaboration, and hands-on learning intersect, apply to Cal Poly Pomona. Embrace the opportunity to make your mark by applying today and embarking on a journey of endless possibilities.

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Where Can I Purchase CPP Farms Ice Cream?

The CPP Farms Avocado and Satsuma Mandarin ice creams will be available for purchase at the Farm Store and on campus for $3.99 per 5 oz. cup and $8.99 per pint.

Nutrition Information

Download the CPP Farms Ice Cream nutritional information guide.

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