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Top Ten Reasons to Use Campus Catering

  1. INVESTING IN OURSELVES: Buying on campus helps support on-campus programs, services, and infrastructure.

  2. OPTIONS: Various catering options are available for any size group, and any order can be customized to meet specific needs.

  3. AWARD WINNING: Foundation Dining Services manages award-winning venues.

  4. EASY TO ORDER: The online ordering system is easy to use or one can simply call to place an order.

  5. 'A' HEALTH GRADE: All dining units have an A health grade from the Los Angeles County Health Department.

  6. ON-CAMPUS JOBS: Using Campus Catering helps students obtain jobs.

  7. CONVENIENCE: There are several dining locations conveniently located right on campus.

  8. SAVES TIME: Campus Catering can deliver right to your event.

  9. BENCHMARKED PRICES: Dining Services regularly compares offerings to ensure the greatest value.

  10. SUPPORTS PRESIDENT'S COMMITMENT: Avoiding driving off campus saves gas and energy, which is in accordance with the president’s climate commitment. Ordering on-campus also falls in line with the presidential order.

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