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Impact Apartments

Impact. A living learning community at University Village

What are the IMPACT Apartments?

The IMPACT Apartments are intentionally designed for residents that are interested in integrating their career and academic paths with their living environment.  Do you want priority registration and weekly events that are geared towards your success?  This community gives students an opportunity to live and connect with other students who share interests, academic goals, and personal goals.  The IMPACT Apartments embrace Cal Poly Pomona’s “Learn by Doing” by engaging students with discussions, experiences, relationships, and fellowships.  And you can WIN prizes through the year!!

Please contact
Kirk Bernal ( for more information


There is space available for 28 IMPACT Residents in one of our Phase III apartment buildings.  After we fill all available space, we will take additional applications for our waitlist.  Applicants that are WAITLISTED or NOT SELECTED for the IMPACT Apartments AND still interested in living at the University Village MUST go through the normal University Village Licensing process beginning in April. 



What DO I get from living there?

Is this like a class? What will I learn from it?

What areas do the IMPACT Apartments cover?

Are there any requirements?!? What do I have to do if I live there?

What DO I get from living there?

Students elect to live in the IMPACT Apartments in order to:

  • Form friendships and have conversations with students of dedicated to integrating their academic, personal, and professional lives into their living area.
  • Experience an environment that encourages support around academic and community interests.
  • Expand practical knowledge and application in an area of passion.
  • Develop connections and mentoring relationships with Cal Poly Pomona Faculty and Staff.

As an added benefit and to engage residents in the IMPACT Apartments, students will also receive the following:

  • University Village will apply for priority registration for residents of the IMPACT Apartments (priority registration is subject to approval by Cal Poly Pomona and NOT guaranteed)
  • A weekly meeting dedicated to the benefits listed above.
  • An IMPACT Advisor dedicated to developing connections among the IMPACT residents and campus resources.
  • Entry into a quarterly opportunity drawing to WIN COOL TECH PRIZES like media-streaming devices, wearable technology, or tablets!
    ( if IMPACT book requirements are met)


Is this like a class? What will I learn from it?

We embrace Cal Poly Pomona’s “Learn by Doing” spirit in this living community.  By participating in the IMPACT Apartments, students will:

  • Develop a sense of belonging in the University community
  • Demonstrate awareness of Cal Poly Pomona and University Village resources
  • Demonstrate improved knowledge and skills related to career development
  • Experience a higher level of satisfaction with the University experience


What areas do the IMPACT Apartments cover?

Academic and Campus Resources
Gain knowledge and practical application of practices and support

  • Self-awareness of identities
  • Organization and time management
  • Environments for learning
  • Connection with campus resources for support the students’ academic needs
  • Conversations surrounding the dynamics of difference
  • Study Skills
  • Study Groups

Career Path
Preparation to Seek Employment in You Areas of Interest

  • Preparing for job seeking
  • Self-awareness of personal strengths and areas of improvement
  • Resume and interview critique
  • Understanding techniques for networking
  • Career path exploration
  • Planning to enter the work force

Personal Achievement
Explore the IMPACT on your Personal and Professional Development

  • Develop your Goals
  • Articulate your Strengths
  • Express your Journey


Are there any requirements? What do I have to do if I live there?

Students benefit from the IMPACT Apartments when all members participate.  Students are expected to participate in a constructive manner, supporting the academic environment and success of all its members. 

In order to fulfill the purpose, the IMPACT Apartments has three (3) components:
3 Elements of the IMPACT Book

  • Academic/Campus Support - must complete 2 items per quarter
  • Career Advancements - must complete 2 items per quarter
  • Personal Achievement - must complete 1 item per quarter


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