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Parent's Information

This information is for parents who have questions concerning meal plans.

What are the different meal plans?

Foundation Dining Services manages the meal plan program on campus. There are seven different meal plans with a wide range of choices to suit every need.

  • Those living in the Residence Halls can choose the 19-, 14-, or 10-meals-a-week plan taken at Los Olivos. These plans also include $125 in meal points that may be used at other on-campus food venues or the Farm Store.
  • Those living in the Residential Suites or Center for Regenerative Studies have four additional plans to choose from: the Premium, Standard, Minimum, and Value Combo meal point plans. Similar to a debit plan, they offer the resident the flexibility to eat anywhere on campus. Check out the Resident Dining Options brochure for details.

How do I change my meal plan?

Requests to change your meal plan must be made using the online form available on the StudentWeb.

There are a few restrictions:

  1. You may make changes to your meal plan prior to moving in. Once you have moved in, you are locked into that plan, UNLESS you need to increase it..
  2. To decrease your meal plan for the next quarter, complete a request online using the StudentWeb during the eighth week of the prior quarter.
  3. You may increase your meal plan at any time.

What are meal points?

Meal points are equivalent to money, and depending on your meal plan, an amount is allocated on your Bronco Access Card (Cal Poly Pomona ID card) each quarter. Each meal point is equivalent to a dollar and is used to purchase food at any of the on-campus dining establishments or convenience stores, including the Farm Store. Meal Points may not be used for books or other non-food items.

Do my unused meal points roll over each quarter?

Any unused meal points will roll over from quarter to quarter during the academic year, as long as you continue to reside in the Residence Halls, Residential Suites, or Center for Regenerative Studies. Any unused meal points at the end of the spring quarter are forfeited. In addition, if you cancel your housing license agreement or your meal plan, any unused meal points are forfeited.

What are Bronco Bucks?

Bronco Bucks is a fast, convenient, and cashless way to make purchases on campus, and functions much like a regular bank debit account. Any student, staff, or faculty member (or parent/guardian) can add Bronco Bucks to their Bronco Access Card (Cal Poly Pomona ID card) without having a meal plan or in addition to a meal plan. You simply deposit money into your account and these funds may be spent using your Bronco Access Card at any food venue, convenience store, select vending machines, the Bronco Bookstore, computer labs, ASI Box Office, and for printing and copying at the library and Help Desk. Please keep in mind, if you have both meal points and Bronco Bucks, be sure to let the cashier know which account you would like to use to make your purchase.

I have dietary concerns and/or food allergies. How can this be accommodated with a meal plan?

Los Olivos Dining Commons offers wide range of food choices and is intentional in providing healthy options throughout the day. In the case where a student has a dietary concern or allergy they may contact the Los Olivos manager for a consultation. In many cases, the dietary needs may be addressed successfully.

My meal card (Bronco Access) is not working—what should I do?

The card may be defective. You may take your Bronco Access Card to the Photo ID Office located in the CLA Building, 2nd floor (between the elevators and the Admissions Office). The card may have been reported as lost or stolen. Contact the Photo ID Office as well as the Meal Plan Office at (909) 869-5073 to have your card taken off the lost/stolen list.

If you have an outstanding balance (overdue account for housing and meal plan fees), your meal plan may have been suspended. If this is the case and you live in the Halls, please contact the Housing Office at (909) 869-5120 or stop by Building 59 for assistance. If you live in the Suites, contact the Housing Office in Building 54 at (909) 869-5113.

If I do not use all meals allotted for the week, will they roll over to the next week or get refunded?

The 19, 14, and 10 meal plans are allotted each week and refreshed each Saturday. Foundation Dining Services is able to offer these plans at reasonable, per-meal rates because missed meals are part of these calculated fees. If your schedule does not permit you to eat at Los Olivos, you may "cash out" a meal-to-go using store items equivalent to $6.00. You may also select a special meal deal at The Den by Denny's using the 10, 14, and 19 meal plan.


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